Under Counter Water Filter – The Choice of Home Owners

Under Counter Water Filter

Under Counter Water Filter

One of the dilemmas of home owners in having water filter system in their house is that it does not fit sometimes in the faucet. Sometimes there is no space in the counter top. So, experts have made a way on how to solve this problem.

If there is a counter top water filter system, experts made an under counter water filter system.

Under Counter Water Filter

This is also known as Under Sink Water Filter. It is a filtration system that provides you pure filtered water from the faucet without taking up much space on your counter. This water filter is placed under your counter. That’s what makes it different from a counter top water filter that is placed over the counter.

The under counter water filter helps you to have a tidy and spacious kitchen. This doesn’t have tubing and valves messing up your counter because it is placed under the sink. It is hidden under so you can have larger models of it if you want because it remains out of sight. The only disadvantage of having this kind of water filter is that it takes some time to install.

Benefits of Using the Under Counter Water Filter

When it comes to benefits, this kind of water filter has lots of it. Under counter water filter is less expensive compared to a whole house water filter and almost as effective. You can get filtered water that is clean because it can remove hundreds of contaminants that have polluted your water.

This has an affordable replacement cartridges and installation is not difficult. You can have a plumber to do it but you can do it yourself. The only hard thing in installing is attaching the cartridge below the faucet. After doing it, the rest will be very easy. Of course, it can save a lot of space and removes 97% of contaminants like chlorine, lead, mercury, THM’s, sediments, bad taste, bad odor, cysts and many more.

These system uses carbon based water filters which is very effective in removing chlorine and its by products. When it comes to maintenance, it is usually maintenance free. The only part that needs to maintain is the filter cartridge that ranges from 1 to 5 years. Another good news is that it has warranty up to over 1 year. So if there are leaks in the faucet or cartridge, you will be assured that it will be covered by the warranty.

The under counter water filters that have a good quality do not drain the natural minerals dissolved in water since these provides health benefits. It is very important for you to have this kind of water filter. This will not only benefit your water for drinking, the water will also be very beneficial in washing vegetables, when you make meals, when you clean or even in washing dishes.

You cannot afford to use contaminated water in any way or another. So it is always better to be sure especially when it will affect the health of your whole family.

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