Different Types of Home Water Filters

Water is an essential need that all living things need, whether it’s animals, plants or us, human beings. Clean water is needed in our daily lives either to drink or be used in cooking food. However, tap water nowadays has become so polluted with all the contaminants that it has.

Microorganisms, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, dirt, metals and other harmful substances can be present in tap water, making it unsafe and unfit for drinking. This leads to most homeowners to buy fresh and clean purified drinking water from external sources, usually coming in jugs or gallons. But with this potential move, there is added cost and consumption of space in one’s home. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you were still able to drink tap water safely? That’s what water filters are made for – to bring back the blessing of consuming tap water and making it safe and clean to drink.

Water Filter

Having water filters installed in one’s home is a convenient and innovative option that allows access to tap water that’s clean and safe for drinking and cooking. Because of water filters, you don’t have to worry about all those contaminants found in the water. They are used to contain water, filter out the contaminants and produce water that’s a lot cleaner for drinking. Choosing the best water filter for your home is a crucial decision which can bring in the benefits that will allow you to save a lot of time and money.

There are many different types of water filters that you can use in your home. Usually, these water filters can be easily installed in your home just by yourself with the instructions provided for each water filter. However, there are some water filters that may need to be installed by the professionals. Choosing the type of water filter depending on your needs and the kind of home that you live in is important as you’ll be using the water filters on an everyday basis. What are the different kinds of water filters that you can buy? Here are just some of the few water filters available in the market today.

Whole House Water Filters

Giving you the ability to provide clean water for your entire home, whole house water filters are installed directly in the water supply line that goes into your home. The water filter then proceeds to remove all the contaminants, rust, metals, chemicals and other substances before even entering the water line that leads to the faucets of your home. Another benefit that comes with the use of whole house filters is that it can act as a form of pre-filter on top of other home filter devices in your home, further cleansing the water supply.

Faucet Water Filters

Faucet water filters are the ones that are installed directly into the faucet of your kitchen and are quite convenient since it requires no complicated plumbing to install. While there are some models that filter out water by removing the metallic taste in tap water and the accompanying odor, there are some faucet water filters that can filter out lead, parasites and other microbes. There are even some models that provide insulation, giving you warm or cold water straight from the faucet. Faucet water filters are easy to install and remove and compared to the other types of home water filters, they are quite inexpensive though providing a less thorough filtration of the water.

Portable Water Filters

If you’re more of the outdoorsman type, buying a portable water filter that you can carry around with you during your adventures is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear list. It lets you have clean and safe drinking water that’s conveniently available just by accessing your backpack. It’s also a good addition when you and your family go out on camping trips. There are even some portable water filters that provide a scent or taste like lemon in the water that is filtered out.

Canister Water Filters

Considered to be the simplest type of water filter in the market, canister water filters come in just like appliances and can filter out the water of contaminants. Compared to other types of water filters, they don’t come as transparent and must stay on the counter for use. There are also models that require installation to the spigot while there are others that need to have water poured into them.