Privacy Policy

Preferred Water Filters
Preferred Water Filters takes the issue of user privacy and keeping your personal information secure and private. We ensure that the necessary steps are taken in order to make sure that the private information of all users will be kept safe while they visit this website. This is in accordance to the national laws and requirements that Preferred Water Filters adheres to to keep the information of all users private and secure.

Any user who wants to contact this website or any of its administrators can do so by submitting the required personal information that is asked by the site. The user understands that he does so at his own discretion, knowing the risks involved of this measure through the submission of their personal information. This may include name, email address, mailing address and other necessary information. While user information may be asked from you, Preferred Water Filters ensures that the personal information of users will be kept safe and secure and will not be sold, disclosed or passed on to any third parties whatsoever until there comes the time when the information is no longer in use.

Every measure is done all in accordance to the rules and bylaws set by the national government in regards to the privacy of all users. We ensure that your email address that is submitted when you subscribe to our newsletters or fill out contact forms will be kept safe but it should be noted by the user that submission of such information will still be at their own discretion and should know the associated risks involved.

If you have any questions, you may submit a contact form which may require you to give your name and your email address. Your information will be kept private and secure. You may contact us at