Omica Shower Filter Fluoride Review 

Omica Shower Filter Fluoride Review

The Omica Shower Filter is the first of its kind that is handcrafted and not assembled using a machine. It is the first shower ever that utilizes the 8 stage filtration system that effectively removes chloramines, fluoride, lead, chlorine, VOCs, odors, and dirt.

Apart from its effective filtration system, it can also let you experience a whole new level of showering. It energizes the water and restructures it using the latest vortex technology through the optional shower head.

This advanced water filtration system contains the following:

Micronized Zeolite

This one is commonly used in the water purification industry. It increases oxygen and attracts nitrogen content apart from absorbing ammonia which is a well-known component of the chemical chloramine. Zeolites also attract heavy metals and lead in the water and are commonly used for radiation relief efforts at Three Mile Island, Fukushima, and Chernobyl.

Shungite (Rare Carbon Mineral)

It is well-known in the 18th century for its effective absorption and antibacterial qualities in purifying the water. The high level of adhesion allows it to interact and adhere to particles that can cause certain inflammatory conditions which make it the perfect choice of water filter for those who have allergies.

Catalytic Carbon

This feature is specifically designed to remove chloramine from the water and absorbs volatile organic compounds such as pesticides and herbicides.

KDF 85

It is a special blend of zinc and copper capable of removing lead, chlorine, and other heavy metals in the water by using the ion exchange process.

Activated Alumina

An effective filtration media that is capable of removing up to 95% of fluoride from your water system depending on the water’s pH level.

Coconut Shell Carbon

This one is granular activated carbon derived from coconuts that are heated to very high temperatures which then results in the expansion of molecular pores of the carbonized molecule for maximum absorption of both VOCs and chlorine.

Copper Vortex Tube

It is a restructuring element that aides in the restoration of the shower water’s integrity then resulting into highly-energized droplets.

Virgin Quartz Crystals

It is an excellent conductor of electricity and energy that is capable of generating micro volts of electrical pulses that will destabilize chloramines and chlorine. It also energetically aligns the structure of the water.

With the great features of the Omica Shower Filter, you are sure to have cleaner, purer water coming out of your shower head.