How Much Water Should You Drink a Day?

How Much Water Should You Drink a Day?

Knowing how much water should drink each day may seem like a simple question but no one knows the exact answer. Over the years, studies have shown different recommendations which may have caused confusion on some individuals on which ones they’re actually going to follow. But the truth in all this is that the water needed by your body depends on several factors such as your health, active lifestyle, and the place you’re living in.

Even though that not a single formula fits every individual, getting to know more about the fluids your body needs will be helpful in estimating the amount you will need each day.

The Health Benefits

Water is considered as a principal component of your body and it comprises about 60% of your total body weight. All of the systems in our body require water for it to function properly. One good example is that water is essential in flushing out the toxins in our vital organs, transports the nutrients into our cells, and provides a moist environment needed for our nose, throat, and ear tissues.

If the amount of water is not enough on our body then it can lead to dehydration wherein it is a condition known to disable the normal functions that our system does. Even just a minor dehydration will eventually lead our bodies to drain some of its energy and even make us feel tired.

How Much Water Do You Need?

Each day, water is lost through perspiration, breathing, bowel, and urine movements. In order for the body to maintain its function, it must be replenished with the needed water supply which is usually acquired through drinking beverages and eating foods that contain water.

If you are a healthy adult living in a temperate climate then the Institute of Medicine suggests that an adequate intake (AI) needed for men is about 13 cups of water each day. As for women, their AI should be about 9 cups of water each day.

What Happened to 8 Glasses a Day?

This is the advice that most of us commonly get ever since we started going to school. If you think about it, 8 glasses is roughly around 1.9L in which it isn’t too different from what the Institute of Medicine recommends. Even though this recommendation doesn’t have enough hard evidence to support it, the popularity it has still remains because of how easy it is to remember.