How Long does Berkey Water Filter Last?

How Long does Berkey Water Filter Last?

If you have fluoride and other contaminants in your water then there’s a really good chance that you’re using a water filtration system to get rid of those. One water filter system in particular worth mentioning is the Berkey water filter wherein it is tested and proven to be an effective filtration system.

Now that you’re using the Berkey water filter, you’re probably questioning its longevity and lifespan. The way that it is replaceable shouldn’t be so much of a surprise considering that it traps contaminants and it can become contaminated at some point.

You should know that the Berkey water filters comes in different sizes wherein each one of them is tailored to handle a maximum amount of contaminants.

According to the manufacturer, it is recommended that a regular Berkey water filter should be replaced once it has accumulated around 3000 gallons of water. By any chance you are using 2 water filters then you must replace it once it has accumulated 6000 gallons of water. So you need to figure out for yourself how many gallons of water your Berkey water filter is capable of holding out.

Is there a way to extend the lifespan of my Berkey water filter?

Well, if that’s what you want then there’s a way on how you can do that.

The first thing that you can do is to ensure that the water in your system is as clean as practical. If you have tap water then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you are using Berkey system to clear out pond or creek water then you can try using a T-shirt as a pre-filter. You can easily do this by placing the cloth over the top most chamber when you plan on filling it up and it will eventually filter out big contaminants like mud, algae, and many more. This will provide more focus on the Berkey over the small contaminants that may enter your body.

If you see that the flow rate decreases through the filters then you should clean them up with the use of a Scotch Brite pad under a running water. This will remove most of the particulate from the outside. But you should know that you will never be able to clean the interior of your water filter. So in any case that you have tried using this method before and there’s no improvement to the flow rate then that is a clear sign that you need to change the filter.