Choosing Home Water Filters for You

Water filters are devices that filter out contaminants from the tap water of your home. They’re a great addition to your home if you want to have clean and safe drinking water.

Not sure of what kind of water filter to get? Here are the different types of water filters that you can choose from.

Portable Water Filters

Are you the type who goes out into the wild frequently? Are you always worrying about clean and safe drinking water whenever you go out camping with the family?

Are you tired of buying clean water from another source and lugging around a big jug of water when you travel? Well, look no further; this type of water filter may just be perfect for the likes of you.

The portable water filter is something that you can carry around conveniently when you go on adventures outdoors or go out traveling.

It’s a great addition to the long list of outdoor gear that you should bring along, providing you with clean water.

Whole House Water Filters

If you want efficiency in the delivery of water to your home and the small scale water filters just won’t cut it for you, you need something bigger.

That is to say, you need a water filter that can provide clean and safe drinking water for the entire home. You may be surprised but there are actually whole house water filters that can be installed into your home. They work similar to other water filters.

The only difference is that these are installed directly on to the water supply line of your home that then runs around the house through pipes.

Before going into your home, the water is filtered out from all the contaminants like metals, rust, chemicals, bacteria and other harmful substances.

What makes whole house water filters handy is that you get clean water in every faucet of your home, though the bathroom may have a separate water supply line entirely in some cases.

Whole house water filters can also serve as pre-filters on top of other installed water filters in your home to bring water that’s further cleansed.

Water FilterCanister Water Filters

Canister water filters is the simplest type of home water filter that you can get.

They’re just like appliances which you can purchase in stores, easy to install and use while being able to filter out the contaminants from the water supply of your home, bringing clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.

These canister water filters usually come as opaque, compared to the other types of water filters that usually come as transparent.

These also have to stay on the counter if you want to use them. There are also canister water filters that need to be installed directly to a spigot while there are others that only need water to be put inside the filter’s body.

Faucet Water Filters

Commonly used in the kitchen, faucet water filters are conveniently installed on the faucet and it doesn’t need any complicated plumbing to be installed.

Therefore, you won’t need to call a professional plumber to install this type of water filter. There are many types of models that faucet water filters have.

For example, there are those that can remove the metallic compounds in water, as well as removing the metallic taste. But there are also those models that can filter out parasites, germs and other microbes that make tap water unfit for consumption.

What’s handy about these faucet water filters is that there are models that provide insulation for the water that they filter. That means you can get either warm or cold water right away coming from your kitchen faucet.

They’re easy to install, remove and come as an inexpensive choice compared to other water filters. However, faucet water filters provide less filtration compared to other types of water filtration systems.