Home Water Filters 101

It’s already common knowledge that one of the most important needs that we have is water. It’s essential that we always have a readily available supply of water to ensure our survival.

And the most sensible way to have water is in your own home. Establishing a water supply that’s clean and free of harmful contaminants is crucial for any home.

That is why you need to consider a way in which the water that is delivered to your home should be clean and safe to drink.

Installing water filters in your home is one of the ways to provide clean and safe drinking water. With water filters, you won’t have to worry about purchasing mineral water or sterilized water from outside sources which would incur additional fees and costs.

Instead, you’ll just be paying for your monthly water bill but still be assured that the water coming from your kitchen faucet is clean and safe enough to be consumed.

That’s what water filters do – providing you with clean water to drink and allowing you to save on the costs when it comes to the water supply in your home.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Water Filter

There are certain factors that you need to think about when it comes to choosing the right water filter for your home. It depends upon what you need and how you want your water to be delivered since there are several types of home water filter systems.

You also need to check whether or not a particular brand of water filter is of high quality and delivers the performance that you have expected out of it.

There are two types of water supply in your home – utility water which is used for things like bathing, washing and other similar activities and drinking water which is consumed and should always be clean, safe and free of harmful contaminants to prevent any illness or health problems that might come from dirty or contaminated water.

Knowing these two, you need to have different water filters for each of them as there is no such thing as a water filter that can provide filtering for the entire house and both for utility and drinking water.

The filters used for utility water and drinking water are different. For drinking water filters, they are usually made out of carbon and filter out a greater amount of sediments and contaminants when compared to those of utility water filters.

You should scrutinize and inspect closely the capabilities when it comes to filtering.

A good filter should be able to filter out sediments, contaminants, chlorine, fluoride and bacteria.

This quality check ensures that the water supply for your home is clean and safe, free from these components that can either be harmful for your skin when used in bathing, damage your belongings due to its chemical components or even cause a number of health problems like dysentery, poisoning, bacterial infection or even gastroenteritis due to the consumption of dirty or contaminated water.

Different Types of Home Water Filters

Water Filter

Depending on what you need and how you want your water to be filtered, there are different types of water filter systems for you to choose from.

Take note that specific water filtering systems may be needed depending on the need or the location you want the water to be delivered from. Here are the different types of home water filter systems that you can utilize.

Faucet-Mounted Home Filter System
These types of home water filters are quite handy and convenient because they are easily installed by almost anyone. The faucet-mounted water filters are usually used in the kitchen so that the water is filtered for any harmful chemicals and contaminants, making tap water safe and clean to drink.

What makes these faucet-mounted water filters so widely used is because they’re an inexpensive option in home water filtering systems and are available in most home and hardware stores. In fact, you don’t need any special tools to install this type of water filtering system.

There are even brands that come with flavorings that can be added to the water so that it’s a much more enjoyable experience to drink water for the children.

Pitcher Home Filter System
Being the least expensive water filtering system out of the several types of water filtration systems, the pitcher home water filters usually come with a plastic pitcher that can hold water from half to a full gallon and that is readily made fresh and clean for drinking.

The filter used in this filtration system is made out of carbon and the water is filtered as it is poured on to the pitcher. This removes impurities, contaminants and even the smell from the tap water.

Some pitcher water filtering systems now come at a much smaller size, allowing it to be more portable and can be brought like sports water containers or even bring it along when you’re camping.

The multiple filters that pitcher water filtering systems have provide a supply of fresh and clean water that’s safe for drinking and adds more to the convenience as its size is more manageable compared to other water filtration systems.

Below Sink Home Filter System
As per its name, these water filtering systems are installed under the sink and are usually kept out of sight. These are still similar to the faucet-mounted water filtering systems due to its ease of installation and handling but only differ in its location.

Knowing the basic plumbing of your house, you can easily install this type of water filter with little difficulty. The main advantage of below sink water filters is that they are larger, meaning they can take in more water and filter out more while needing less changing compared to other types of home water filtering systems, making them last a lot longer.

Though this is recommended for those who experience hard water issues as the below sink water filters need a separate water faucet that is meant for drinking and cooking use.